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for string quartet (2021)
Duration: 10'

Composed for string quartet, the girl who collected the bones of the deer is inspired by a Macedonian folk tale that tells the story of a brother and sister who escape their household after their father tries to cook and eat the pair of them. They go to the woods and manage for a short while, until the brother drinks water from the footprint of a deer, transforming into one. The sister hides in the forest with him until the King and his army discover her. They capture her, kill her brother, and cook him for dinner. 
Back at the castle, the sister says nothing, and only silently collects the bones of her brother. While the traditional moral of the story pertains to family and sacrifice, the piece is inspired loosely by elements of the folk tale. Moments of sheer stress, tension, and anxiety escalate and erupt into complete stillness. These moments represent acceptance of reality, and the cyclic nature of trauma and healing. 

This is a recording of the Odin Quartet, filmed at the University of Toronto in 2021. The performers are Alex Toskov (violin I), Tanya Charles Iveniuk (violin II), Veronica Lee (viola), and Samuel Bisson (cello).

Scores available upon request.

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