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for piano trio (2021)
Duration: 9'

Selected as the winner of the 2021 Piano Trio Composition Competition at the University of Toronto's Faculty of Music, Piano Trio no.1 was written for and premiered by Bedford Trio in the Winter of 2021. 
The piece is composed in three movements, each with their own distinct flavour and pace. Being of Macedonian heritage, I was particularly influenced by the irregular rhythms, polymetric time signatures, and harmonic language that is found in Balkan folk music. 

This is a recording of the Bedford Trio, filmed at the Ernest Balmer Studio in Toronto in 2021. The video was released during the University of Toronto New Music Festival. The performers are Alessia Disimino (violin), Andrew Ascenzo (cello), and Jialiang Zhu (piano).

Scores available upon request.

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